Note about office hours

I have had a few unexpected meetings pop up that will interfere with my office hours this week, so I wanted to let you all know when I will be available:

  • I normally have office hours today, but I have a meeting, so I won’t be able to be here.
  • I am available tomorrow (Wednesday) in the morning or afternoon – I have a lunch meeting from noon-1:30 p.m., but nothing else until 3 p.m.
  • I am available from 1-3 p.m. on Thursday.
  • I have some time Friday, too, if you need to make an appointment.


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Excellent example of good journalism

I thought this article from The Washington Post might be of interest to you all. It is an excellent example of why we need good investigative reporters like these! It really is like something out of a movie!

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Photo homework, part one

For parts one and two of your photo homework (due Tuesday), you will construct a photo essay on the theme “Life at Salisbury University.” To do this, you will produce three vignettes and three journalistic photos with captions.

How you chose to illustrate this theme is entirely up to you. It could center around athletics, residence life, academics or be a mix of all aspects of campus life. Whatever the theme, it all needs to fit together cohesively.

For part one:

  • Get portraits/candids of three people
  • Interview each one to provide a statement-evidence-quote vignette
  • Ask questions to appropriately tie the theme together
  • These may not be friends, family, co-workers or classmates!! (20-point deduction)

We will go over part two of the assignment Thursday. To help you prepare, please read this brief article on photojournalism.

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Project three info

Here is the information for project three and the rubric.

Make sure you read the info and rubric thoroughly. Be prepared for in-class conferences with me on Dec. 7.


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Greetings, all! I hope everyone had a restful break! I wanted to prepare you for a couple of things for tomorrow.

First, I will introduce your final project tomorrow, and we will go over part one of your last homework assignment, so make sure you are there.

Also tomorrow, please consider donating to SPJ’s Giving Tuesday effort. We will have a table set up in Commons from 1-2:30 p.m. for people to drop off canned goods and non-perishable food items. For every item you donate, you will receive two points (up to 10 total) on your next quiz grade.

See you tomorrow!

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Fake news credit & reminders

Hello, all! I have added the 20 extra credit points for the fake news workshop on quiz 11 for those who attended. If I missed your name on one of the sign-in sheets, please let me know.

This is also a friendly reminder that your printed project materials are due to me by 5 p.m. tomorrow (Tuesday). You must have:

  • The final draft (no rough drafts needed)
  • Two peer-editing worksheets filled out
  • Your self-editing worksheet filled out
  • Your list of sources and phone numbers

You can slide them under my door (Fulton 294) or put them in my box in the CMAT office.

Have a great break!

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Schedule for today & announcements

Greetings, everyone! Here is our schedule for today:

  • Collect corrections on project one
  • Take our brief AP style quiz
  • Give back assignment four papers (corrections due today or when you turn in project two)
  • Peer-editing workshops – get at least two classmates to fill out you peer-editing sheets before you leave

Remember, we will not have class Tuesday. Instead, you need to get your printed project to me, either in my office (Fulton 294) or to my box in the CMAT office (Fulton 261) by 5 p.m. Tuesday. Of course, you are always welcome to turn it in sooner. You will turn in all of the following:

  • Your final draft of your article (I don’t need any rough drafts)
  • Your two peer-editing sheets
  • Your completed self-editing sheet
  • The contact information for all of your sources

Have a safe, fun Thanksgiving! See you all after the break!

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