No class Tuesday 

I forgot to mention it in class last week, but I will be out of town on Tuesday, so no class. Your press release assignment will be due Thursday. 

Have a nice weekend!

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Press release examples

Here are several examples of press releases to help you think about your homework assignment:

Here is the homework and the rubric/checklist due Thursday. Also, here is a template for the press release to help get you started. I’m more concerned with you spending time on the content than on the structuring.

Read Chapter 13 on press releases in the Rich book as well.

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“Spotlight” analysis

A reminder that your one-page analysis of the movie “Spotlight” is due in MyClasses by the beginning of Tuesday’s class. Your charge is to answer one or both of these questions: Why did it take so long for the Boston Globe to cover the church’s misdeeds? Or: Why isn’t there more journalism like what we saw portrayed in the movie?

I got a question about whether the movie was based on a true story. It is.

You can read the stories they wrote here.

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Here is your reading I discussed in class today.

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In-class activity

For your in-class assignment:

  • Read the news articles & come up with two tweets promoting each one
  • Write one SEO and one teaser post
  • Make sure each fits into 140 characters
  • Use hashtags & @ symbols as much as possible
  • Write them in (or copy them into) a Word document, and upload to MyClasses.
  • It is due by the¬†beginning of Tuesday’s class.
  • **Make sure your tweet is distinctly different from the headline!


  1. Article 1
  2. Article 2
  3. Article 3
  4. Article 4
  5. Article 5
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Example for Project 1 assignment

In a conversation with one of your student colleagues about the Project 1 assignment, I was reminded of a feature I wrote for an event when I was at the paper in Jacksonville. Miraculously, it is still on the interwebs.

But if you’re wondering what I’m looking for, this is perhaps a bit long, but it gives you an idea.

That includes good descriptions of what you see and hear and smell and so forth. Strong verbs. A compelling lede (in the example above, a narrative). Attention to detail. At least a nod toward context (the dementia statistics and history of the medical community’s evolving attitude toward it). And, of course, a minimum of four sources.

UPDATE: If you’d like closure, the elderly woman in the article, Jeslyn Harlan, lived another three years after I wrote that story apparently. She died in 2013 at the age of 97.

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What’s due and when

So there’s no confusion:

Due Tuesday, April 4: Assignment 2, the Turkey Trek preview feature. Please print it out, staple to the rubric and turn it in at the beginning of class.

Also due Tuesday: Edits you made to Assignment 1 to receive credit back on the grammar and style errors. You can turn in a hard copy or email it to me.

Due Thursday: Project 1, the event story. Please have that printed out and staple to the rubric. Due at the beginning of class.

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