About CMAT 240

Course Description: This class is an introduction to journalism, including print, online and broadcast reporting. It is a writing-intensive introduction to these platforms aimed at preparing you for the next level of intermediate writing, reporting and production. You will complete several critiques, writing and reporting assignments, quizzes and readings throughout the semester.

This class is intended primarily for CMAT majors and minors and does not meet university general education requirements. This class will involve several out-of-class writing and reporting assignments designed to prepare students for real-life media work and future courses.

Prerequisite: Students must have obtained a C or better in both CMAT 101 and 102 prior to taking this class.

Course Objectives:

This course will provide you with a foundation for professional media writing. You will learn both the principles and the practice of journalism that will enable you to succeed in future CMAT courses and, more importantly, to be a successful practitioner in your field. Upon completing this course, you will:

  • Have a working knowledge of the principles and practices that are shaping the journalism field today, including ethics, laws and the implementation of new technology.
  • Be able to write clearly and concisely, using AP Style and appropriate grammar.
  • Understand and have practiced good reporting techniques that can help you communicate effectively as a professional media member.
  • Have a clear understanding of the inner workings of newsrooms for print, online and broadcast publications.
  • Be able to critique others in your field and recognize what styles of communication and what tactics may best fit your personality and goals.

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