Example for Project 1 assignment

In a conversation with one of your student colleagues about the Project 1 assignment, I was reminded of a feature I wrote for an event when I was at the paper in Jacksonville. Miraculously, it is still on the interwebs.

But if you’re wondering what I’m looking for, this is perhaps a bit long, but it gives you an idea.

That includes good descriptions of what you see and hear and smell and so forth. Strong verbs. A compelling lede (in the example above, a narrative). Attention to detail. At least a nod toward context (the dementia statistics and history of the medical community’s evolving attitude toward it). And, of course, a minimum of four sources.

UPDATE: If you’d like closure, the elderly woman in the article, Jeslyn Harlan, lived another three years after I wrote that story apparently. She died in 2013 at the age of 97.


About jbcox

I am an assistant professor in the Communication Arts Department at Salisbury University. I teach classes in journalism and public relations, and my research area is online journalism.
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