Attack of the snot monster

The flu-like illness that felled my wife and daughter over spring break has finally put me down, too. I thought about pushing through for Tuesday’s class. But the lecture is based on an excellent handout, which is scheduled to post shortly before 9 a.m. It discusses journalism ethics. You should read it, learn it, love it and live by it. And not just because it’s ideal fodder for a quiz.

Also, take note in the same post the guidelines for our first project. You are to attend an event and write a story about it. You pick the event. You do the interviews. Your write the story. It’s all discussed in the assignment, but please tell me what you plan to cover by Thursday, via email. To help you along, here’s a Poynter piece about how to pitch a story. In your email, I’ll need to know what the event is and why you think it’s newsworthy. Why would readers care? Hearken back to your news values list for the sorts of things you should address. I just need a few lines from you in that email. In journalism, we call this a “budget line,” even though it has nothing to do with money and it’s often more than one line long.

The final story, which should be of publishable quality, is due Thursday, April 6.

See you Thursday.


About jbcox

I am an assistant professor in the Communication Arts Department at Salisbury University. I teach classes in journalism and public relations, and my research area is online journalism.
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