Assignment one

Here is the prompt & rubric for your first graded assignment. Bring in a print and electronic copy to class. Make sure you have filled out the rubric checklist for yourself and stapled it to your paper to turn in to me. It is due Thursday, March 16, at the beginning of class.

Note: In the prompt, it says at the top that the break-ins took place in February. In the second half, it says September. Let’s go with February for all break-ins, OK? That second month reference should have said February.

Homework: Read chapter 8 (story organization) and soft ledes (chpater 7, pp. 134-148) in the Rich book.


About jbcox

I am an assistant professor in the Communication Arts Department at Salisbury University. I teach classes in journalism and public relations, and my research area is online journalism.
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