Become news omnivores

I encourage all of you to begin, if you haven’t already, following the news. Journalists and PR practitioners must be information omnivores, consuming news from a broad variety of sources. Doing so can provide you with story ideas, to be sure. But it also just makes you a more well-rounded person.

You’ll want to curate reliable (that’s an important keyword) sources for local, national and international news. Some suggestions:

Locally: newspapers The Daily Times/, the Salisbury Independent, the Salisbury University’s The Flyer, and the Baltimore Sun. TV stations: WMDT and WBOC.

Nationally: The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, National Public Radio. Beware that several of these are metered sites, so you may have to pay after a certain number of clicks per month.

Internationally: The UK’s The Guardian, BBC. The wire service Reuters.

If you want to follow what I’m up to, you can save a link to my Daily Times page here, which aggregates all of my stories together. Also consider giving me a follow on Twitter and my professional Facebook page. We still have beats at newspapers, and mine is business with an emphasis on NASA Wallops and agriculture. I like to call it the #spacechicken beat. (Hence the title of my blog.) I appreciate feedback.

The point is: Mass communicators read. It makes them better writers. There is a distinct style to news and PR writing. If you start familiarizing yourself with it now, the happier you will be later in the semester.



About jbcox

I am an assistant professor in the Communication Arts Department at Salisbury University. I teach classes in journalism and public relations, and my research area is online journalism.
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