Meeting assignment

Here is the information for today’s in-class assignment. Here is the rubric, which you need to print, fill out and hand in at the end of class.

In lieu of class Thursday, you will need to complete an online quiz on the following readings:

  • Chapter 19 – Government & Statistical Stories
  • Chapter 5 – Interviewing Techniques

Here are the class announcements:

  • Reminder: No class Thursday
  • Tuesday – in-class critiques of government stories
  • PACE class: Journalism & Democracy – Monday, Oct. 23, 7-8:30 p.m., FH 111
  • Fake News workshop – Tuesday, Nov. 14, 6:30 p.m., GAC Assembly Hall
  • SPJ meeting – Citizen Journalism – Thursday, Oct. 26, 7 p.m., FH 111
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Project one information

Here is the information for project one. Also, here is the rubric you will use. The project is due in class Oct. 31.

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Costume fundraiser

If anyone is interested in making me dress up in a costume on Halloween, check this out:

To help Students Helping Honduras raise money for the construction of a primary school in Honduras, Salisbury University faculty members have agreed to come in on Oct. 31 wearing a costume for an entire day. If this page’s fundraising goal isn’t met, faculty members don’t have to wear a costume. So, make sure you donate so you can make sure your favorite professors come in wearing a costume for an entire day! Copy and paste this link to see a list of participating faculty

100% of donations made for this event will go directly towards a school project in Honduras. Over 66% of Hondurans live in poverty, making it one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. The nation is currently facing the worst gang epidemic in the world, and each year thousands of children join gangs like MS-13 and Mara 18. With access to a quality education and jobs Honduran people can fight back. Students Helping Honduras’s mission is to help empower Hondurans and combat gangs through education.

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In-class critique & assignment

Here is the article we will critique in class today. (Also available in the handouts tab.)

Here is the in-class assignment we will work on afterward:

Based on your video interview:

Write a hard news/summary lede

  • Incorporate relevant Ws, news values
  • Complete sentence
  • One sentence

Write a statement-evidence-quote block that does all of the following:

  • Statement: Introduces the source by name & states his/her position or interest in the meeting/issue
  • Evidence: Give a sentence or two explaining why he/she feels the way he/she does.
  • Quote: Give a good, emotional quote that drives his/her point home (use correct quote punctuation & structure!)

Submit to MyClasses when finished

We will have an in-class writing assignment Tuesday, and we will also go over project one. See you then!

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A couple of notes

Hi, all! Just a few things:

For the corrections on assignment one, you can just make the corrections on the paper, and turn it back in Thursday. If you re-printed the story, be sure to attach the old one, so I know what you corrected.

Here is the video that inexplicably wouldn’t play in class:

See you Thursday!

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Homework for Thursday

Here is the homework assignment for Thursday:

Conduct a brief interview with someone about a meeting he/she recently attended


  • Find out what key issues came up at the meeting
  • Find out the outcomes of the meeting
  • Get good quotes from your source
  • Be professional
  • Get enough to write a lede & S-E-Q block
  • Video the interview, and upload it to YouTube
  • Paste the link in MyClasses before class time

Come prepared to write up a lede and statement-evidence-quote block based on the interview. Bring headphones so you can listen to your interview in class.

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Reminder – quiz due Tuesday

This is a friendly reminder that you need to complete your online quiz before class time tomorrow. The quiz includes questions from:

  • Chapter 8 – Story Organization
  • Chapter 18 – Speeches, News Conferences & Meetings
  • AP style
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